People working in Spring Hub are entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We have small businesses, freelancers, digital nomads and startups all sharing the space and the goal of growing their business and enriching themselves personally in the process. To support that we have created a meeting place for like minded people and an environment that supports the sense of belonging. To know more about our community read down below.


We spend a big portion of our time at work so a great group of people at the office is crucial. The people at a coworking space create their own type of collective which as a small business owner or a freelancer could be hard to find anywhere else. Often when taking your coffee you can hear the exchange of ideas or advice in the cafe lounge and there is no shortage of interesting topics being discussed. It is a great opportunity to find business partners or service providers right from our community which makes your work go a lot more smoother. 

cafe lounge at Spring Hub


As a new member your first contact will be our Community Manager who will guide you through the onboarding process. You will get access to our wifi and the members group in Facebook. You will also get instructions how to book meeting rooms, print and use the kitchen. The Community Manager will  ask you a few questions to introduce you to the Community (answering them is totally voluntary). Then you can say HI! to everyone at our next Community Lunch or we will help you to connect with other members of the Community working in the same area as you. 


Every other Wednesday at 12.00 we gather in our cafe-lounge to have a Community Lunch together. We bring the food for everyone because we all know food is the best for creating connections among people. Then we eat together and share news about our space, upcoming events and welcome new members. This is great for networking. 


Every month we get together for an evening event so we could get to know the people in our community in an informal setting and have some fun. It is usually on a Thursday or Friday and it can be anything from a Sauna night, a Board Games night to a Salsa workshop.