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How to choose a coworking space? 8 things to look for

Are you looking for a coworking space and do not know how to make a decision which one to choose? We have made a list of things to help compare your options and to understand which coworking space will meet your needs the best.

Location and accessibility

Time is one of the most valuable things we have and we do not want to waste it on commuting. When you are traveling with a car, what is the traffic like during rush hours on your commute or is the place close to public transportation? How long is the drive? What are the parking options for your car or bike and what is the cost?

Meeting rooms

How many meeting rooms does the space have? The number of rooms determines how available they are and if you are able to conduct meetings at any time. Is there a self booking system or do you need to do it through the staff? Meetings can change with short notice and waiting for a confirmation from a third party (the staff) is time consuming.
If you need to do video calls does the room provide a quality system for it – good lighting, camera and a platform that is easy to use for everyone? A quality video call makes you look professional and trustworthy to clients or partners.


A few practical aspects determine how productive you can be in the space. Does the work desk fit all your things (monitor, computer, notebook or papers) and can you change the height? How ergonomic is the chair and how does your next and back feel at the end of the day? If you have multiple client calls are there enough spaces (private areas, phonebooths or meeting rooms) to make them? Is there a quiet place for concentrated work? And finally: how many things from your to do list you were able to accomplish at the end of the day?

What is included?

What is included in the membership and what comes extra? This is important when comparing the final cost. Is the coffee, meeting room use, printing, utilities, parking, extra screen, lockers etc free or do you need to pay for it? What are the things you need and use every day and what do the costs add up? What are some perks that make the experience more enjoyable? Do they have special discounts for members, a snack fridge, a yoga room etc and would you use them?

The community

The people in the coworking space make up a community which contributes a lot to the general vibe of the place. First ask yourself: what kind of social interaction are you looking for?
Things to look for: how many people are in the space? How often do they have events for the members and what kind of events are they? How is the communication for the community set up and do people in general talk to each other in the common areas? If you prefer to be left alone does the environment support that?

Contract terms and conditions

This has to do with flexibility. If you travel a lot or have a team that’s growing or changing constantly you need to be able to make changes fast and with low cost. The notice period for terminating the contract or pausing your membership determines the flexibility.


Another aspect that contributes to the vibe of the space is the design – the colors, lighting, room sizes and the furniture. Do you feel comfortable and is the space inspiring? Are there enough work spaces and is there a separate area where you can take a break? Is it relaxing or does it support productivity? How do you feel at the end of the day?

The staff

Does the staff work in the same space and how accessible are they? A staff that is part of the community has a better insight on how to make the lives of the members better and they understand what are the important components of a successful coworking space. This also determines how fast they can help you. You can ask what is their usual communication with the members (newsletter, slack, fb groups etc) and how do they manage feedback.

Final question

What is the general vibe of the place and do you vibe with it?

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